Sauna area & relaxation areas

a recreational holiday in Tyrol

The best things come in three. That's why you have the choice when it comes to wellness here in Neustift: Alpine hut sauna, steam bath or rather organic herbal sauna?

Our brine bath is a blessing for the respiratory tract, the herbal sauna and the infrared cabin boost both circulation and the immune system.

What's next?put your feet up

Füße hochlegen.

Close your eyes and simply enjoy.

Those who decide on a wellness vacation in Stubai valley can look forward to healing silence and energy-giving tranquillity.

For active days in the mountains, recharge your batteries in the unique Edelweiss flair of our relaxation rooms.

look forward to:

  • the sauna area
    with a Finnish hut sauna, a brine steam bath and a herbal sauna
  • the spacious fresh air area
    with a view of the glacier and comfortable sun loungers
  • three different relaxation rooms
    with waterbeds, heated loungers and heaven swings
  • the large sun bathing lawn
    with a fantastic view of the glacier

Gentle rays of the sun tickle your skin. All around nothing but peace and quiet. You enjoy a breath-taking view of the mountains and the glacier.

The power of warmth

Sauna area

Saunas are the epitome of well-being. In East Asia, bathing in hot air was already a thing 1,500 years ago.

During your wellness vacation in the Stubai valley you can celebrate the tradition of the sweat room in many different ways: Our Tyrolean alpine sauna is a classic. With 90 degrees, low humidity and infusions from our sauna masters, this Finnish sauna in the rustic Tyrolean hut style will make you sweat properly.

A visit to our brine steam bath is a real treat for the respiratory tract and the skin. For sauna beginners, we recommend a visit to our organic herbal sauna, which gently stimulates the metabolism with its 55 degrees and up to 65 percent humidity.

Afterwards, the glacier-cold freshness of our ice fountain and a cold shower provide invigorating cooling.

Where the soul exhales

Relaxation areas

Let your gaze wander over the mountain peaks. Indulge in the most beautiful daydreams. Fall into a gentle sleep. Wellness with us in Neustift means: plenty of room for rest. Literally, because our resting rooms are everyone’s favourite places.

Our stone pine relaxation room soothes the senses with the gentle scent of the forest. A crackling fireplace, cosy beds and infrared couches await you here. 

The panoramic relaxation room offers you a beautiful view of the mountains while you make yourself comfortable on the hay beds, health loungers and water beds.

A highlight of your wellness vacation in Stubai valley: quiet hours on our large sunbathing lawn with a stunning view of the glacier. In winter, a crackling fireplace and wonderfully warm blankets are at your disposal.  A relaxing vacation in Tyrol could hardly be better.

A relaxing vacation in Tyrol could hardly be better.

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