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Your wellness & yoga hotel – Yoga holiday in Tyrol

Yoga. Fitness room. Vitality program.

Our vitality program:



Fitness room

If you also need some activities during your holiday we can offer you our small but nice fitness room: modern equipment to train your condition and to build up muscles (cross walker, elliptical, bike, rowing device, tread mill) will make you sweat. You can also find stall bars, gymnastic mats and balls. All of our equipment is up to date and is perfectly suitable for individual training.



Yoga with Sigrid

Enjoy the experience of being within yourself in a small group and with individual guidance for 60 minutes. You will feel lighter, brighter and stronger. Learn how to relax deeply and regenerate within short time. Let all your unnecessary thoughts go. Be present. Breathe. Move your body and your mind. Learn how to meditate. Take part in a journey to yourself.


What makes my Yoga lessons so special?

Individuality, spontaneity, empathy, silence and simplicity.
At the beginning of the lessons I ask all participators if they have any wishes (whether it's about your body or mind).


I don't have a ready plan. I make each Yoga lessons new and individual every time. Therefore each participator can really achieve something after a short briefing: whether you have physical issues, general indisposition, pain, conflicting thoughts or breathing issues. My main goal is that each participator has 1 or 2 exercises they can do afterwards themselves at home.


Between the exercises we always have breaks – therefore the exercises can really unfold their effects. You will learn to experience yourself more deeply.


Breathe in. Breathe out. THAT will change your life. Your life doesn't wait for your next holiday.