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100% natural care and Alpienne natural products

Alpine massages & treatments - Power of the Alps

“Pure Altitude“ in the Vitalhotel Edelweiss

The philosophy of all alpienne natural products: to give people the best of everything bestowed on us by our mountain world. We are convinced that caring for your body is, at one and the same time, caring for your health, we exclusively use as the basis for our products pure olive oil, beeswax, lanolin and propolis – in other words, only pure natural ingredients.



You can choose your massage with following products:


Partial body massage

€ 42,-
25 minutes

Full body massage

€ 64,-
50 minutes
€ 92,-
80 minutes

Alpienne - Sweet life

At the beginning of this treatment, you receive a peeling with honey and stone pine that activates your skin cells and cleans your skin gently. The subsequent full-body massage, using a lotion containing honey and propolis, stimulates your metabolism, strengthens the immune system of your skin and nourishes your skin intensively.

€ 90,-
80 minutes

Alpienne - Harmony

At first, you will get a relaxing food massage with St. John worth cream. Than you can enjoy a special full body massage with St. John worth oil and with wild natural herbs stemps of the alps – ideal for the musculature and your peace of mind. After you will feel the inner harmony in you.

€ 93,-
80 minutes

Alpienne detox treatment

by 100% natural means

Gain new energies for everyday life and get your acid-base balance regulated. Let‘s start with a footbath connected with a shoulder massage. This boosts the natural detox process, stimulates blood circulation and deacidifies your organism. We continue with a foot reflexology massage to activate and purge your organs. The subsequent back treatment applying a detox gel and conductive pads for feet, liver, gall bladder and kidney stimulate your metabolism and lead all harmful substances & toxins out of your body. A back massage with warm honey oil completes the treatment.

€ 108,-
80 minutes

Alpienne - Package ''for the girl''

  • 1 Nature salt peeling honey & stone pine 20 min
  • 1 purify pack with birch and juniper 30 min (The purifying juniper and the diuretic effect of young birch leaves support your body’s detoxification, has a stimulating effect and enhances circulation and fat oxidation.)
  • 1 individual massage with St. John Worth 50 min
€ 111,-
110 minutes