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Pack your backpack: What do I need for hiking in Tyrol?

Hiking safely

safety tips for your way to the summit

Hiking is very beneficial for health, community and experience. The following tips are important to make sure you can really enjoy your tours without taking risks.


  1. Being healthy
    The positive effects of hiking for your heart and circulation also require on the other hand a realistic self-assessment. Avoid time pressure and choose a speed which suits all members of your group.

  2. Careful planning

    Maps, literature, internet and guides provide you with information about length, height difference, difficulty and the weather. Always make sure the whole group is well-informed.
    Also pay attention to the weather forecast, since rain, wind and cold temperatures increase the risk of accidents.

  3. Complete equipment
    Adapt your equipment to the conditions of your tour and try to keep the weight low. You need to have protection against rain, coldness and sun. Also have a first aid kit in mind and a cell phone (Euro emergency number: 112). Maps and GPS are also helpful.


  4. Appropriate shoes
    Good hiking shoes protect your feet and make sure you have enough grip, always make sure that you got the right size. Grip is crucial, most accidents happen because people slip or stumble. Also have in mind that exhaustion or a high tempo can affect your grip. Also dangerous: falling rocks. Tread carefully to avoid causing rockfall.


  5. Stay on the marked paths
    In areas without any paths the risk of falling stones and getting lost increases. Avoid shortcuts and if you got off the path get back to the last known point of it. Very dangerous and also underestimated: corn snow fields!

  6. Having breaks regularly
    Don't wait too long for your first break. They increase the rest, enjoyment of the landscape and conversation. Eat and drink something, it keeps up your concentration. Isotonic drinks are perfect to quench your thirst. Cereal bars, dried fruits and biscuits are good snacks.


  7. Take responsibility for children
    You need to have in mind that diversity and playful discovering are important for children.
    If you are in areas with a fairly high risk an adult can only take care of one child. Tours which require a high level of concentration for a long time are not suitable for children.

  8. Small groups
    Small groups are better, because they are more flexible and it's easier to assist each other.
    You should always inform other people about your destination, route and return. Stick together. Be very careful if you are on your own: already small incidents can turn into serious emergencies!


  9. Respect the nature
    Protect the environment and don't leave any waste in the nature. Avoid noise, stay on the paths, don't bother wild animals nor pasture livestock, don't touch plants and respect protective areas. Use public transport or carpools if possible.

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