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  Last minute offers
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Let us surprise you. Here you can find an attractive and interesting offer for new and special massages.

Special massages

Here you can find an attractive and interesting offer for new and special massages. Let us surprise you.

Tyrolean honey massage

Originally, the honey massage comes from natural medicine and is ideal for purification. After a gentle sugar peeling, the honey is trickled on your back and worked into the skin applying a particular tapping & pumping technique. In this way, stored waste products are set free and can be eliminated by the body. A short back massage with a lotion con-taining honey and propolis completes the treatment.

€ 70,-
50 minutes

Ear candle treatment

A healing treatment with purifying and soothing effects! Ear Candling in combination with the Lymph Drainage cleanses and eases pressure in the forehead and sinuses.

€ 37,-
25 minutes
€ 57,-
with Lymph drainage 50 min

Hot Stone therapy

Mystical and grounding. This unique massage ritual harmonizes the energy centers of your body with warm basalt stones, loosens tension and stimulates blood circulation. You will feel the particularly soothing and profound effect immediately.

€ 68,-
50 minutes

Intensive back treatment

This treatment is a deep, energetic back massage, which relieves physical and mental tension. To begin, the spine is relaxed and stretched through gentle massaging of the sacrum. The special oil is rubbed in for nerve and intervertebral disc regeneration. The sensitive hand of the therapist applies targeted pressure on the spinal appendages, in order to clear blockages and relieve painful areas around the spine. Muscles are loosened, mobility and circulation improved.

€ 73,-
50 minutes

Massage with mountain balsam

Enjoy a soothing full body massage with warm Alpine balsam, lavender, mint, sage and other mountain herb oils. Enhances general wellbeing and ideal after sporting activities. Particularly recommended for men.

€ 67,-
50 minutes

Stone pine wood massage

The warmth of the wood pine sticks (different length and diameter) and the pine massage milk penetrate deeply into the muscle layer. This improves blood circulation and supports the energy flow. Tensions and blockades get loosened.

€ 72,-
50 minutes
€ 92,-
80 minutes