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  Last minute offers
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26.10.2019 - 21.12.2019

Skiing in the early winter

Now the fans of the white alpine sports are eager to get started. Many lifts and railways are being used already although the winter with its icy temperatures is still far away. In addition to that a wonderful hotel with everything you desire.


Enjoy The Edelweiss Autumn Skiing-week including:


lift pass rates


1,5 days€ 78,00
2,5 days€ 98,00
3,5 days€ 144,00
4 days€ 181,00
5 days€ 211,00
6 days€ 239,00
7 days€ 269,00
3 days (in 6 days)€ 149,00
5 days (in 7 days)€ 229,00
10 days (in 14 days)€ 363,00
These lift pass rates are valid on the Stubaian glacier from the 13.10.2019 until 03.05.2020 for adults. Here you can find further lift pass rates as well as offers for children, teenagers and senior citizens.

These prices are per person.